Thursday, October 2, 2008

Could The Great Palin Become President

What are the statistical chances that The Great Palin could become president if John McCain is elected? Read about it:

Game Time for The Great Palin, NoBullBert Will Discuss Tomorrow

Tonight is the big night. The Great Palin will show the Doubters.

In the meantime, on a more serious note, read this biographical article in the Washington Post, Palin's Strengths Rooted in Alaska. Sort of reminds we of my wife who grew up on a dairy farm in norther central Wisconsin.

In the spirit of fairness, there is an equally interesting biographical article about Michelle Obama, A Family Tree Rooted In American Soil.

And tune in tomorrow from 4:05 to 6 p.m. on 1330 AM WEBY (or listen on line courtesy of a sponsor and co-host Ken Lamb, the link is on the upper left side) to discuss and analyze the debate and the financial mess.

Good Government Regulation is Not Bad

Read this good article about capital markets. One quote: "complex systems are not confined to historical experience. Events of any size are possible, and limited only by the scale of the system itself. Since we have scaled the system to unprecedented size, we should expect catastrophes of unprecedented size as well. We're in the middle of one such catastrophe, and complexity theory says it will get much worse."

The bottom line, capital markets are complex dynamic systems that need to be well regulated so that they do not become unstable. But of course Republi-cons don't understand that.

We get the government we want.