Friday, June 9, 2017

Trump's Big CON: He Doesn't Believe in America (Trump Only Cares About Himself)

UPDATE:  In meeting and talking with Comey, "Trump didn’t inquire about the danger to the United States posed by Russia as a result of interference with our electoral system. The lack of concern about an investigation into a hostile power’s cyberattack on the United States contrasts with Trump’s insistence on clearing himself from a 'cloud.' Trump looks upon the entire Russia investigation as a 'cloud,' a political problem for him. The lack of concern about the nature of the underlying Russian meddling confirms what many knew already — this is a deeply narcissistic man who cannot help but put himself first.

Comey succeeded in painting a disturbing picture of a president trying to convert an FBI director into his minion and trying to get his friend into the clear. And just as disturbing is the realization that in the most devastating attack on American democracy, Trump cares only about Trump."

Read the Washington Post, Comey paints a portrait of Trump: ‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?’

And neither do Republi-CONs who defend him.

"[L]et’s be clear on what Comey is alleging. Comey is claiming that Trump explicitly sought to convert one of the leading law enforcement officials in the country into a personal loyalist. Comey is claiming that Trump demanded, seemingly as a condition for his continued employment, that he voluntarily shed his position’s institutional independence. And Comey is claiming that, after having done all this, Trump told Comey that he “hoped” he would drop the FBI probe into Flynn’s conduct. Comey took this presidential effort as an “order,” which would plainly constitute overt interference in an ongoing FBI investigation into his former national security adviser’s ties to a foreign power that — according to the widely held conclusion of the intelligence community — tried to sabotage our election, in order to tip it to Trump.

The only way Republicans can continue to claim this constitutes “exoneration” is to also hold the position that none of the above is cause for concern.  . .

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is now saying that Trump is “just new to this” and is unfamiliar with protocol. This idea — that Trump only needs to learn what the rules are — elides the much more likely explanation, which is that Trump’s behavior is rooted in a sincerely held belief that our institutions and rules should not represent a check on his power and that he’s willing to actively abuse his power in order to further weaken those constraints. Comey’s testimony today should substantially increase press scrutiny of the widespread refusal of Republicans to acknowledge how serious a problem this has become."

Read the Washington Post, Comey just blew apart a leading GOP talking point about Trump and Russia.

As an American, the only loyalty required is to the Constitution.

Trump is 70+ years old, he was elected president.  If he doesn't know this now, he never will.