Thursday, February 12, 2009

Neo-Roosevelters Unite

Time to unite against the Neo-Hoovers. Read about Herbert Hoover and his initial response to the Great Depression.

Then read The New York Times, Escaping the Bust Bowl.

To be discussed during class at NoBullU tomorrow.

Til then.

Examples of Republi-Con Statesmanship

So many examples of Republi-con statesmanship, so little time. Here are a few:

Republi-con patriotism:

Republi-con bipartisanship:

Republi-con frugality:

Republi-con playfulness:

Republi-con principles:

With countrymen like Republi-cons, who needs enemies.

Humor Test for Valentine's Day

Who needs roses or candy this Valentine's Day, show her how much you love her with this gag:

Of course, before you play this trick on your loved one, you might want to know that the name of the video is: Why husbands die first.

If you live, come back and tell us how she liked it.