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Fact-free fantasies: my so-called 'obsession' with the shrieking hatemonger of right-wing rhetoric and partisan hackery, pandering to fear, anger and hatred,

don't be duped by the Birthers, including our very own Pastor Dred Scott (you may remember the infamous Dred Scott decision of 1857, which asserted that African Americans were "beings of an inferior order" who "had no rights which the white man was bound to respect." That ruling declared that African Americans could never be U.S. citizens and therefore could never be President), and

Church support for slavery and opposition to civil rights (4 major American Churches split over the issue of slavery, forming northern and southern factions, including:

The Methodist Church: In 1861, the North Carolina Christian Advocate wrote of "the demon spirit of abolitionism" and how Southern Methodists had "tested it fully, and found it to be heartless, inhuman and Christless." Although the two factions reunited in 1939 as the Methodist Church, they retained racial segregation.

The country's Presbyterian Church also split into two.

The Baptist Church: The Southern Baptists are the largest and most reactionary christian denomination in the USA. They split away from the Baptists in 1845 over slavery, because they thought that slavery was okay. After the civil war, some Southern Baptists founded the Ku Klux Klan. In the 1960s, the Southern Baptists supported segregation laws and opposed the black civil rights movement. In 1995, the Southern Baptist Convention issued an apology to all African-Americans and asked for their forgiveness.

Local and regional: Go Argonauts!, Republi-CON Jeff Miller, R-Hypocrite-ville, Republi-CON Health Care Hypocrisy;

National and international: I'm waiting, where's the balanced budget, don't hold you breath because the Republi-CONs Con the Tea Party, there'll be no $100 billion budget cut, and let's admit the obvious, the Republi-CONs are not serious about deficits, and who's responsible for the debt

The debt ceiling deal farce

The civil war continues: Republi-CON establishment v. Republi-CON rage

The Republi-CON's economic no recovery plan: destroy jobs and pay workers less

Be Very Very Afraid of 'The Invisible [Republi-CON] Bond Vigilantes'

Republi-CON Want to Crucify the Middle Class 'Upon a Cross of Gold', Part of the Republi-CON War on the Middle Class

The Republi-CON stimulus myth

How About a Fake Alien Invasion Stimulus

Let's play the Republi-CON game of 'spot the contradiction', can you explain the Republi-CON contradiction as regards the economy, the debt ceiling, or deficits, or national security, or health care costs, or or even jobs

The myth of expansionary austerity

Beware federal pensioners, your day of reckoning is coming

Government Profiteering

The Great Stagnation' and our broken political system;

150 years later

And the Republi-CON Race is On,

Still Searching for the Ideal Republican Candidate: Conservative, Interested, Electable

President Sexpot?

More premarital sex and another shotgun wedding for the Palin clan

Obama the One Term President, hell hath no fury like a liberal chumped again

A great write up on the bin Laden raid

1 to 1 in the COA, health care lawsuit update

The health care industry bottomline, the reason Republi-CON want to repeal the new health care law

Believe it or not: DUI/DWI at the demolition derby

CSI dog poop,

Who you callin a Neanderthal

Giving new meaning to navel gazing,

Another Republi-CON myth buster, no the government isn't banning incandescent light bulbs


Big brother is watching you,

Fun stuff: a new test, are you Smart or Stoopid!

That's How the Fight Started

No kidding, an 'amazing' ad campaign featuring vaginal puppeteering

Doo Wop test

Twelve things that a motorcycle can teach, and cute little cats in 'It Could Be Worse';


Donate to a good cause: read "the story of a 9-year-old girl who teaches us adults about maturity truly renews our faith in humanity" at The New York Times, Rachel’s Last Fund-Raiser.

I'll discuss anything, but expect a no mercy take down if you are a shrieking hatemonger of right-wing rhetoric and partisan hackery, pandering to fear, anger and hatred, because the truth sure makes it hard out there for the party pimps.

So tune-in, call-in, but only if you can handle the truth and some ass kickin' discussion of politics and current events.

How About a Fake Alien Invasion Stimulus

"[Y]ou know what would end the economic slump in 18 months? Aliens." Read Time, Paul Krugman: An Alien Invasion Could Fix the Economy:

"While talking off the cuff on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS program (Zakaria is also a TIME Magazine contributor), Krugman conjectured about what would happen if aliens landed on earth and attacked us.

'If we discovered that space aliens were planning to attack, and we needed a massive build-up to counter the space alien threat, and inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that, this slump would be over in 18 months,' Krugman says, referencing an episode of The Twilight Show in which an alien threat was manufactured to bring about world peace."

Actually, it was "an episode of similar 1960s sci-fi series The Outer Limits, titled 'The Architects of Fear.'" [Link added.] Read Comic Alliance, Economist Paul Krugman Endorses 'Watchmen' Alien Invasion Plan for Fiscal Recovery, where "[y]ou can watch the full Outer Limits episode 'The Architects of Fear' now, via MGM Digital on Youtube."

The "[l]essons from WWII, [are] wasted on some people." Read The New York Times, Oh! What A Lovely War!

Black Guy With Muslim-Sounding Name Plays Along With Birthers to Distract His Political Opponents and the Press, and Gets the Country’s Number Foe

UPDATE IV: "What happened that night in Abbottabad." Read The New Yorker, Getting Bin Laden.

UPDATE III: "The adult sons of Osama bin Laden have lashed out at President Obama over their father’s death, accusing the United States of violating legal principles." Read The New York Times, Bin Laden Sons Say U.S. Violated International Law "by killing an unarmed man, shooting his family members and disposing of his body in the sea"

UPDATE II: The black guy with Muslim-sounding pulled "off an execution of the execrable Osama that would make Mario Puzo proud, with plenty of room for a sequel." Read The New York Times, Cool Hand Barack.

UPDATE: It is a small, small world, communications-wise.

Did you know that "one of the most important, secretive, tightly managed covert operation in U.S history — and it was on tweeted in real time"? Read the Washington Post, Sohaib Athar’s Tweets from the attack on Osama bin Laden.

After years of claims that he is "weak, indecisive and insufficently committed to defending America," and despite a relentless smear campaign, "Obama made the long-awaited decision to launch a ground operation in Pakistan in pursuit of bin Laden." Read the Washington Post, Bin Laden killing caps extraordinary week for Obama.

Rumor has it that Trump is saying bin Laden was not really dead because the long form death certificate has not been released.