Friday, October 30, 2015

BREAKING NEWS, BREAKING NEWS! Are Gullible-Gallups and Zullo Going to Jail

UPDATE IX:  Not look good for Zullo as he finally realizes he's been play for a chump.

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UPDATE VIII:   What crime(s) is Zullo hiding?

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UPDATE VII:  "In an angry rebuke, a judge on Friday ordered the U.S. Marshals Service to seize a collection of records from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office and leveled harsh criticism at the sheriff's lawyers for failing to turn over documents that had been requested months ago in a racial profiling case.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow's criticism centered on the agency's failure to hand over more than 1,400 identification documents in a related investigation into allegations that deputies pocketed items during busts.

The judge also focused on the agency's refusal to turn over 50 hard drives from Arpaio's secret investigation involving the judge. . .

Robert Warshaw, the official monitoring the sheriff's office for the judge, . . .

said the unit of the sheriff's office that stores evidence is a lockbox for keeping unflattering documents from public or court scrutiny. . .

Warshaw is examining allegations that members of Arpaio's immigration smuggling squad and other deputies regularly pocketed items from people during traffic stops and busts of safe houses used during smuggling. The judge has complained that Arpaio's office is conducting inadequate internal investigations of officer misconduct."

Read ABC News, Judge Chastises Arpaio's Lawyers for Withholding Records.

Imagine that ‘inadequate investigations’ by Sheriff Scooby-Doo and his gang.  Is anyone surprised?

UPDATE VI:  Were Zullo and Gullible-Gallups involved in a conspiracy to obstruct justice in Arizona?  We may soon find out. 

"[H]earings are back on schedule for the contempt proceedings against Sheriff Arpaio, and Deputy Sheridan:. That’s scheduled for September 22-25 and September 29-October 2. . .

Meanwhile the US Department of Justice moved to intervene in the Melendres case and Judge Snow granted their request for copies of the material supplied to Arpaio’s office by Dennis Montgomery. The DOJ ought to be very interested in the possibility that Montgomery absquatulated with secret CIA material, including harvested telecommunications metadata.

Right in the middle of what the Sheriff’s Office called the 'Seattle Operation' sits Mike Zullo who was one of the people babysitting Montgomery for Sheriff Joe, and involved in the email chain between Detective Mackiewicz, Larry Klayman and Dennis Montgomery that seems to contradict Arpaio’s claims under oath that he wasn’t targeting Judge Snow. This writer thinks that Zullo’s testimony is crucial in finding out whether Arpaio was up to his old tricks of investigating his enemies, and whether he lied about it to Judge Snow. Oooh, goody."

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Now that DOJ is investigating, Zullo and Gullible-Gallups could easily find themselves charged as conspirators for obstructing justice in the Melendres v. Arpaio lawsuit. 

See 18 U.S. Code § 1503 and more specifically 18 U.S. Code § 1509 (Obstruction of court orders).

UPDATE V:  What proof did Montgomery offer of the CIA plot?

Can you believe 50-60 hard drives filed with recordings of the Al Jazeera network.

Read USA Today, Arizona sheriff spent $120K on probe targeting judge.

Read also the Phoenix New Times, Arpaio May Have Spent $1 Million in Pursuit to Disqualify Judge Snow.

In other words, Montgomery, a notorious scammer and con man, leveraged the biases and prejudices of his marks to convince them to pay him more than $100,000, and spend hundreds of thousands more in tax payer money.

These are the same people who are the leaders of the Birther movement.

Zullo and Gullible-Gallups, self-professed 'professionals', have been proven by their own ineptitude and stupidity, to be clowns, suckers, and bozos. They peddle lies and fear to desperate and angry people.  Zullo and Gullible-Gallups are nothing more than professional deceiver and con men.

Who would believe anything Arpaio, Zullo and Gullible-Gallups said?  Only fools!

Remember, how much time has past since the promised 'universe-shattering' revelations:

And there were the numerous other broken promises.

That sound you hear is the growing laughter at the Birther delusions.

Anyone who gave money to these bozos should sue!  (I think Zullo and Gullible-Gallups are stringing people along until the statute of limitations on fraud has expired.) 

UPDATE IV:  Apparently they believed their own BS.

Read Obama Conspiracy Theories,

Mike Zullo presents the "meatball hypothesis", which includes a transcript of the November 2013 Fact-Free Friday show when the Sheriff Scooby-Doo gang (including Zullo) first discussed and promised the 'universe-shattering' revelation(s) and Gullible-Gallups clearly confirms that he knew and believed the details of the so-called CIA plot revealed by notorious scammer, Dennis Montgomery;

Crazy in Arizona, which notes that with the Arpaio contempt hearing the "trunk of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s clown car is now open and all sorts of crazy stuff is coming out" and

Melendres status conference today: Judge could rule on Montgomery intervention, which notes how desperately Sheriff Scooby-Doo and his gang are trying to stop further revelations because:

"The Dennis Montgomery debacle is evidence that Joe Arpaio is gullible, and calls into question his judgment when evaluating evidence and sources, the same judgment skills he applied to Obama birth certificate claims and that ultimately led Arpaio to believe there was probable cause that Obama’s birth certificate was forged.

It could lead to more questioning relating to the Cold Case Posse, and possible revelations about money paid to Mike Zullo by the Department

Information detailing the Montgomery investigation could come to light that defines what the Cold Case Posse was actually doing, while allowing birthers to assume that they were pursuing Obama."

In summary, Zullo and Gullible-Gallups, self-professed 'professionals', have been proven by their own ineptitude and stupidity, to be clowns and suckers.

And these are the leaders of the Birther movement.

UPDATE III:  For more on 'Comrade Arpaio Stasi-like moves' and the "The Man Who Conned the Pentagon", read the Phoenix New Times, Arpaio Sought Assistance From Former AG Tom Horne's Office in Dealing With Confidential Informant.>.

The article notes that Montgomery has a "still-open superior court criminal case in Clark County, Nevada, where Montgomery was charged with multiple felony allegations from 2008 of allegedly passing bad checks."

Again, stupid is as stupid does.

UPDATE II: Pastor Gullible was very subdued on Fact-Free Friday, falsely denying he knew Montgomery, claiming the 'investigation is still ongoing, there are legal hurdles, connections and interconnections' to be made, and trying to pretend nothing was wrong. 

He also said that 'phone lines were open', but of course no calls were taken on the air.

His sycophant side-kick tried to claim the angry masses demanding release of the so-called investigation, as he has several times recently.

Of course, no dates were mentioned for any conference or news conference, because there is, and never was, anything to disclose except fraud by Pastor Gullible.

People are starting to realized that they've been had.

Anyone who donated money should sue.

UPDATE:  Also read the Phoenix New Times, Judge Snow Rips the Lid Off an MCSO Riddled With Corruption, Confirming My Reporting in the Process.

In brief, here is the story:

In August 2013,  someone sent Arpaio a Facebook message concerning an alleged 2012 conversation with the wife of Judge Snow, the federal judge assigned to the cases pending against Arpaio.  The judge's wife supposedly said that the Judge hated Arpaio and wanted Arpaio removed from office. 

Then in November 2013, Zullo and Gallups began promoting the 'universe-shattering information' that would dethrone Obama. 

That was when a notorious scammer, Dennis Montgomery, alleged "'that the CIA hacked into individual bank accounts' and that 'approximately 50,000 of them' were Maricopa County residents."  The CIA plot supposedly involved Arpaio's nemesis-es DOJ and federal judges. 

So the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office assigned several investigators to the so-called case and began "paying [Montgomery] as much as $10,000 a month . . . [and] purchased $50,000 worth of computer equipment for Montgomery."

Of course, "Arpaio was [just] up to his old tricks, attempting to conflict the judge, find dirt on him, and retaliate for adverse rulings."  Arpaio has a history of malfeasance, racial profiling, feuds with judges and County Supervisors, abuse of power, election law violations, misuse of funds, and even a staged assassination plot

He stays in office by
scamming and swindling to birthers for money and media attention.

These so-called law-enforcement professionals fell for Montgomery's con hook, line and sinker.  (Kinda scary to think they carry guns.)  Before it was done, the investigation "cost as much as $500,000 to $1 million" of Maricopa County taxpayer money.

Of course, there never was a CIA plot, and the judge's wife never made any such statement.

Some people are just desperate to hear what they want to hear.  That is how people get conned.

So now you know why there will never be any 'universe-shattering' revelation(s). 

And that is why Pastor Gullible (our Resident Pastor-to-the-Dictators (AKA Pastor Truthiness (formerly known as Pastor Poppins))) has quit talking about his birther fantasies.


It is hard to believe how stupid these people are.

OMG, is it true — after so many years of fantasies and delusions . . .

Will Sheriff Scooby-Doo and his gang (including Zullo and Gullible-Gallups, Arpaio’s enablers and co-conspirators) be going to jail?

What will Pastor Gullible say today on Fact-Free Friday?

Of course, I’m sure he will discuss this universes-shattering development in the investigation, NOT.

After you read the following, someone call in today and ask him to comment.

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