Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trump's Big CON: The 'I Want The Credit, Don't Blame Me' President

UPDATE II:  For a list of some of "Trump’s buck-passing", read the Washington Post, Personal irresponsibility: A concise history of Trump’s buck-passing.

UPDATE:  Did something go wrong/Trump's not happy/someone is criticizing him/or anything he doesn't like -- IT'S BARACK'S FAULT.

"President Trump’s weekend allegations of a “Nixon/Watergate” plot to wiretap his 2016 campaign confused intelligence analysts, befuddled members of Congress and created fresh work for fact-checkers. Within 24 hours of his allegations, made on Twitter, the administration conceded that the president was basing his claim not on closely held information, but on a Breitbart News story quoting the conservative radio host and author Mark Levin.

But in conservative media, where the claim originated, Trump has gotten credit for cracking open a plot by a “deep state” of critics and conspirators to bring down his presidency. And the perpetrator is former president Barack Obama."

Read the Washington Post, Trump and Republicans see a ‘deep state’ foe: Barack Obama

"Trump has become the 'don’t blame me' president — struggling to adjust to the reality of a job often revealed in shades of gray. The man in the nation’s highest elective office, who is eager to claim credit for positive developments, has yet to show signs of accepting responsibility or blame when things go wrong."

Read the Washington Post, Has Trump become the ‘don’t blame me’ president?