Thursday, June 22, 2017

Trump's Big CON: Violence Against Minorities Isn't As Important

UPDATE:  Fear, anger and hatred is a profitable business for Trump, and others.

Read the Washington Post, Anti-sharia group offers donors a private tour and cocktails at Trump hotel, which reports:

"A controversial group that has held rallies against the spread of Islamic law is seeking to harness the allure of President Trump’s brand as it raises money for its upcoming Washington conference.

For $10,000, sponsors of the ACT for America gathering can enjoy 'pre-conference cocktails' and a 'private tour of the historic Trump International Hotel' alongside the group’s founder, Brigitte Gabriel, among other benefits, according to promotional materials published on the group’s website.

The walk through the hotel, located in the stately Old Post Office Pavilion a few blocks from the White House, is scheduled to take place before participants head to Capitol Hill to hold lawmakers’ 'feet to the fire' on national security issues, according to plans posted on the group’s website. The organization, which critics have decried as anti-Muslim, has repeatedly claimed that Judeo-Christian culture is under “assault” in America and radical Islam is to blame.

The promotion represents a new twist in the story line of Trump’s luxury hotel, which has sparked several lawsuits and criticism from ethics experts alleging that the president is improperly profiting from foreign governments and other interest groups holding events at the property. Although groups typically pay to book meeting space and food service at the Trump hotel like they would at any event venue, ACT is touting the chance to enjoy access to a signature business owned by the president of the United States. . .

Officials from the Trump Organization and ACT declined to answer questions about the event, including whether ACT was paying the hotel for the tour and, if so, how much. . .

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization that tracks hate organizations, has labeled ACT an extremist group characterized by “wild hate speech demonizing Muslims” and a mission to advance anti-Muslim legislation around the country. Heidi Beirich, who runs SPLC’s Intelligence Project, said that Gabriel’s national prominence has recently surged. . .

Last summer ACT announced that retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, who was advising then-candidate Trump on national security issues, had joined its board of advisers. In August, Flynn appeared at an ACT event in Dallas and referred to Islam as a 'cancer,' according to a Dallas Morning News account of his speech. A person close to Flynn told The Post that he is not involved with ACT and has no plans to attend the group’s conferences."

Read also the Washington Post:

This group believes Islam threatens America: ‘It’s a spiritual battle of good and evil.’, and 

Anti-sharia demonstrators hold rallies in cities across the country.

"A full 24 hours after the incident, Trump had yet to express condolences to the attack's victims or support for London. Contrast that to his rushed messaging when groups like the Islamic State are suspected to be involved."

Read the Washington Post, The White House’s Islamophobia problem can no longer be ignored.

So why does Trump act like this?

Because pandering to fear, anger and hatred is just a Republi-CON campaign strategy.

Why BlackLivesMatter, And What White People Don't Understand

UPDATE II:  This is criminal:

""The Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop last year fired a volley of bullets within seconds of learning the driver was armed, according to a video recording released publicly Tuesday.

When the traffic stop began, the two men interacted calmly. Officer Jeronimo Yanez, a police officer in the Twin Cities suburbs, greeted Castile and examined his insurance card.

“Sir, I have to tell you that I do have a firearm on me,” Castile said 30 seconds after they began speaking.

“Okay,” Yanez interrupted, his voice remaining steady as he shifted his right hand onto the holster of his gun.

Yanez told Castile not to reach for the gun or pull it out. Castile said he was not, which was echoed by Diamond Reynolds, his girlfriend, sitting in the Oldsmobile’s passenger seat.

“I’m not pulling it out,” Castile responded. Yanez again yelled: “Don’t pull it out!” He then unholstered his gun and pushed it into the car.

“Don’t pull it out!” Yanez yelled. “I’m not!” Castile said as Yanez, seven seconds after being informed of the gun, began firing into the car."

Read the Washington Post, Video footage shows Minn. traffic stop that ended with Philando Castile’s death.

And watch the video:

Read also the Washington Post:

What the police officer who shot Philando Castile said about the shooting,

‘I don’t want you to get shooted,’ girl, 4, begged mother after Philando Castile shooting, and 

Gun owners are outraged by the Philando Castile case. The NRA is silent.

Then if you don't think this was criminal, you must be white.

UPDATE:  Incident #1:  'Two men were lying in a pool of blood. 19-year-old Austin Harrouff was making 'guttural sounds and animal noises,' and not only appeared to be killing John Stevens — he was also chewing off chunks of the 59-year-old victim’s face with his teeth.  The stun gun’s paralyzing bursts had no effect. A flurry of punches and a powerful kick to the head didn’t, either.'

Incident #2: 'Charles Kinsey, an unarmed behavioral therapist who was lying on his back with his arms raised while he attempted to assist an autistic patient.'

Which one did the police shot?

Hint:  Austin Harrouff is white, Charles Kinsey is black.

Read the Washington Post, Police killed the black ‘Miami zombie.’ So why did a terrifying, face-eating white teen live?

Wait patently, seal off area, arrest/try to arrest the terrorists, then give them trials.

Read the Washington Post, Authorities seal off Oregon refuge after leaders of occupation arrested. 1 killed in gunfire.

Why is the organization BlackLivesMatter necessary? Because that's not how black people get treated.

Read Gawker, Unarmed People of Color Killed by Police, 1999-2014.

Read also Vox, This chart explains why black people fear being killed by the police.

And it is not just black people being shot by the police.  Remember Trayvon MartinSandra Bland, Victor Stein, Flint Michigan.

I could go on for days.

Some people call BlackLivesMatter racist, but they don't remember, or want to remember, how minorities are and have been treated.