Friday, March 28, 2014

The Republi-CON 'Russia Invaded Ukraine Because Obama is Weak' Myth

UPDATE:  "Compare what the Obama administration has managed to organize in the wake of this latest Russian aggression to the Bush administration’s response to Putin’s actions in Georgia in 2008. That was a blatant invasion. Moscow sent in tanks and heavy artillery; hundreds were killed, nearly 200,000 displaced. Yet the response was essentially nothing. This time, it has been much more serious. Some of this difference is in the nature of the stakes, but it might also have to do with the fact that the Obama administration has taken pains to present Russia’s actions in a broader context and get other countries to see them as such.

You can see a similar pattern with Iran. The Bush administration largely pressured that country bilaterally. The Obama administration was able to get much more effective pressure because it presented Iran’s nuclear program as a threat to global norms of nonproliferation, persuaded the other major powers to support sanctions, enacted them through the United Nations and thus ensured that they were comprehensive and tight. This is what leadership looks like in the 21st century."

Read the Washington Post, Obama’s 21st-century power politics.  

"In August 2008, Vladimir Putin invaded the Republic of Georgia while George W. Bush was President of the United States. Where were the 'weakness' complaints from Republicans? Well, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer — who has said that in the Ukraine situation Obama's 'inaction created a vacuum' and who derided the President's statements on Ukraine as 'weak' — said of the Georgia invasion back in 2008, 'Well, obviously it's beyond our control. The Russians are advancing. There is nothing that will stop them.'

Conservative Heritage Foundation national security staffer Peter Brookes exuded a similar calm in 2008: 'There's no easy answer; there's only tough choices... Russia is a tough nut to crack.' Apparently when a Democrat is president the situation is much simpler. Last Friday, Brookes explained that the Russian invasion of Crimea is proof that 'this administration's policy toward Russia has been a failure.' Hmmm....

There's another aspect to this Republican hypocrisy. McCain recently called Obama 'the most naïve president in history' because of his foreign policy tactics. And yet it was George W. Bush who famously said, upon meeting Putin, 'I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straight forward and trustworthy, and we had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul.' Did Republicans find him 'weak'? 'Naïve'?

Contrast this with Obama, who, against considerable odds, wrangled Russia into a constructive role on Iran sanctions, Syrian chemical weapons removal and a new START treaty. It is not merely laughable to call this President, who has unfortunately expanded the use of drone warfare and who also ordered the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, 'weak.' It is also self-destructive to our national interest, since absent any substantive disagreements, it reveals only national disunity in the face of a global crisis."

Read CNN, GOP's hypocrisy on Ukraine hurts America

Monday, March 17, 2014

Morning Joe for President?

UPDATE IV:  Another trial balloon:  "The MSNBC host has Beltway buzz for his flirtation with the 2016 presidential race. Republican primary voters may be a different story."

Read The Atlantic, Joe Scarborough for President? Sure, Why Not?

UPDATE III:  “The hot buzz from No Labels circles is the TV host is ‘mulling’ a bid. He can't win, but it'd be funny to watch.”

Read Salon, Run, Joe, run! Why a Scarborough presidential run would be doomed and amazing.   

UPDATE II:  Another divorce for Morning Joe.  

Read the Washington Post, TMZ, Quiet Divorce ... After 12-Year Marriage

One divorce might have been explainable, but now after two there will never be a President Joe.  But don't shed too many tears, his current gig pays $99,038/week.

UPDATE: The Draft Morning Joe movement appears to have started back in June with The Daily Beast, Joe Scarborough Can Save the GOP.

And the talk continues on Politico, David Petraeus, Joe Scarborough eyed for '12.

Sometimes a political hack, Scarborough can be independent, calling them like he see them, regardless of party politics.

Will it be Scarborough v. Obama in 2012? One "fresh, aggressive voice for Democrats and a watchdog of the Republican Party" New Yorker thinks it would be an interesting race.

Read The Ostroy Report, President Scarborough? "Morning Joe" Would Be a Viable Threat To Obama in 2012.

How about Scarborough/Palin or Palin/Scarborough?

BTW, what do Joe and Sarah have in common? (Hint, think Mel Marinez.)


I predict that Morning Joe doesn't run because he's got a good gig and he doesn't want to explain why he resigned from Congress. Too bad because lord knows that the Republi-con party needs some help and he might be just the person to reform a party awash in grievance, self-pity, resentment, and anger.

All Joe has to say to resurrect his political career is that he didn't like the person that he became in Washington D.C., but that he has matured and is ready to try again.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Republi-CON "America's Got the Greatest Health Care System in the World' Myth

The Daily Show visits "a place with shockingly poor health care conditions, they're still reeling from the loss of a civil war, a quarter of the young people are living in poverty, they have high rates of cancer, heart disease."  

Responds a regular Hedgehog News commentator: "This is how bad it could get, sure, if we keep going down the path of more government control, less innovation.  I don't know if we could be that place unless great catastrophe happens to this country."  

Unfortunately for him, it is that bad already.

Watch the Daily Show, Third World Health Care - Knoxville, Tennessee Edition:

From Upworthy, Watch 15 Magically Awkward Seconds Roll By While A Man Panics After Accidentally Insulting America: "At 4:00 is the most awkward 15 seconds I've seen in quite some time."

Monday, March 3, 2014


UPDATE X:  Thank to RC Radio Blog, there is a timeline of some of the many claims and promises made by the "Sheriff Joe’s Scooby Doo gang" to 'Gallups' gullibles' on 'fellatio Friday', read MCSO Cold Case Posse Timeline.  

And as Obama Conspiracy Theories summarizes

"One year ago today, Zullo and his posse said through Carl Gallups, 'We will be gaining an audience with some VIPs from around the nation… we have some attorney generals and some congressmen who have said that they would perhaps speak with us; and one congressman in particular WANTS to meet with us….'

And all through this time we’ve seen 'person of interest,' 'enormous,' 'block buster,' 'definite plan of action,' 'full steam ahead,' 'there will be new revelations,' ' this isn’t speculation any more,' 'breathtaking,' 'indisputable proof,' 'you won’t believe the bombshells,' 'explosive evidence,' 'shocker,' '[Arpaio] will do something after the election,' and 'surprises are coming.' In January 2013 we learned that due to unfortunate circumstances, the Cold Case Posse turned to the far-superior 'Plan B.' With plan B 'full steam ahead' we learn about 'absolute forensic verification' and that they are in 'total law enforcement perspective' mode again with a 'definitive plan of action now in the works,' 'gaining audience with some VIP’s,' 'powerful things could begin happening,' 'possible that something monumental will occur,' 'real progress over the next several months (this was a year ago),' 'undeniable evidence,' and last April, 'the investigation is over.' With the completion of the investigation, Zullo concluded, 'we’re in the driver’s seat.' Then, 'information breaking' about VIP’s, 'hopefully by mid-summer (last summer),' 'light at the end of the tunnel,' 'possibly mid–summer,' 'three to six month window is still very plausible,' 'the evidence is mounting up,' and 'it will be universe shattering.'

And here we are two years later with none of this having come to pass. The VIP’s never materialized, what arguments that were released were shot down, and the Reed Hayes report remains unreleased. For the past two years we have seen nothing but publicity and promises from the Cold Case Posse. It’s pretty pathetic."

The so-called Pastor is just another huckster and con man. 

UPDATE IX:  Tomorrow begins the month the universe will 'shatter', as promised by the "Sheriff Joe’s Scooby Doo gang"to 'Gallups' gullibles' on 'fellatio Friday' in mid-December (the 'universe-shattering' twist was being promoted elsewhere in late November).

From Obama Conspiracy Theories, Birther apocalypse:

In less than 24 hours it will be the month of March, when Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups will strap on their swords, Obot Cleaver and Fogbow Basher, hitch up their boots, and come for the Obots. Leading their birther army, they will slash and burn everything that crosses their path, and no supporter of Obama shall escape retribution as birthers shatter the universe in their righteous fury.

Any day now.

And Jared Daniel Dent is ready, saying on Februaury 27:  "Come on march. 3 more days, come on sheriff Joe, Mike Zullo, and CCP release the findings. Come on America Snap out of the trance, strap up your boots and get outside and kick some Obot . Stop letting Obama loving democrats trendy's walk all over you, um up, look me up on face book, Im in VA, and I dont give a about a morally bankrupt society of zombies threatening me or mine, because I walk the walk, There only one man in that mob destined to take you out and you are destined to take him out , You go through the mob to meet him and cut down all others like blades of grass until you cross and the take meet your fate, Im sure you men and women could take out at least 20 obots apiece.."

I wonder if he and others will ask for refunds on April 1.
UPDATE VIII:   The "Sheriff Joe’s Scooby Doo gang" denies writing the letter to the Delusional Dentist, but the comments are informative none the less.

Read Obama Conspiracy Theories, Gallups, Taitz talk: Glass half full, or half wrong?

Also check out Obama Conspiracy Theories, The debunker's guide to Obama conspiracy theories.

UPDATE VII: Now the "Sheriff Joe’s Scooby Doo gang" claim to have "the most incredible, universe-shattering thing you’ve ever heard!", which will finally be disclosed on March 19.  So the Delusional Dentist has been asked to "stand down with regard to your ongoing court cases, which appear to have already run their course, you must admit. I cannot overstate the importance that your cooperation will bring to the disclosure of this essential information."

In response the Delusional Dentist said:"there were multiple promises from Mr. Gallops and Mr. Zullo before, everyone expected a criminal case against Obama to be officially submitted by Sheriff Arpaio to the DA, AG, US Attorney and Judiciary Committee of Congress before the election, it did not happen, even though Sheriff Arpaio had according to his own admission a 100% evidence of Obama using fabricated IDs. I do not know what earth shattering announcement you are planning to make next month, on March 19. Even if you make some announcement, it is just that, an announcement."


A big difference between the the huckster and his con man and the Delusional Dentist is that she allows and responds to comments, which include:

They want the "stand down because they’re not getting as many donations as they used to.  And nothing earth shattering is coming out in March or April or May or June or July…"

"They have had PLENTY of time and chances to reveal anything that they might have. They have nothing!!!"

If they indeed have something bigger than the BC and the SSN, why would it matter if you continued what you are doings?"

"Zullo and Arpaio have been saying this chit for months and have revealed nothing.If they had anything why are they with holding it until march 19. They are simply using it to to get all the money they can.I live in Alabama and about 3 months I began getting mails from Arpaio wanting money."

"[I]t makes no sense to do what they ask, no sense to voluntarily dismiss ongoing cases".

"I thought Obama was the world’s number one liar, but this guy Gallups is awfully close. What the hell is he raving and ranting about and if it’s so earth shattering why wait until March 19th? He sounds like some ancient seer reading an animal’s entrails and predicting a cosmic event on a certain day."

"I have been waiting to see how Zullo and co were going to weasel out of their promise to deliver universe shattering information in March.  They know full well that Dr. Taitz is not going to drop anything and when they do not release any information (because they have none), they will blame it on Orly Taitz and claim that Taitz is the hold up and that if it were not for her and her cases they would be able to release the Universe Shattering information that would have brought down the Obama Presidency. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP !!!!!"

"The sheriff, Zullo, and the minister are trying out for late nite TV comedy show of their own!!! Ha, Ha, Ha,"

"Zullo,Gallups and Sheriff Joe have their fans so caught up in their con for donations that they will believe anything that they say without explanation and they know it. Look we are talking about people who every three or four months say that they have devastating information that will bring down Obama but just can not reveal it at this time. They then chose an arbitrary date a few months from the announcement that they have information that they will reveal the information. When the date comes, they then make up an excuse why they can not release the information along with a request for more donations and a promise to release information even more devastating than the information that they promised but failed to release the last time and then when the new date comes they start the same con all over again. This has been going on ever since they became involved in the Birther issue and I see no end in sight to it."

Read also Wonkette, Here Is Your Birther Slap Fight, Starring Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Minions And Super-Heroine Orly Taitz, which stated: "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod WHAT COULD IT BE? We want to be shocked and awed and emasculated and universe-shattered by your news. Tell us, Reverend Carl!"

Comments for this article include:

"I am 1,000,000% certain that these jerks are 10,000,000% batshit insane."

"Trouble in paradise- looks like the circle jerk is running low on KY and everybody is getting rubbed a little raw".

"I'd be worried about this universe-shattering news, on account of I live in a universe, but it's painfully obvious it's nowhere near the universe these nincompoops inhabit, so I say rock on."

"This looks very bad for Obama's 2016 reelection chances."

"This Rev Gallups fellow writes in a way that we would, to mock him with satirical hyperbolic versions of wingnut communiqué. Is he... using our weapons against us?"

"I knew it! OBAMA IS AN ET, and a socialist/communist/nazi ET planted by the UN as part of Agenda 21. It all fits together."

"Proof that Obama is a lizard person!! I always knew it was true! All Hail our new overlords, the Lizard People!!!"

They had zero chance before, but the new evidence will change that by 10,000%"

You know you've got a problem when you've lost credibility with other birthers!

UPDATE VI:  Still waitin' for that 'universe-shattering twist' in the Obama birth certificate probe, first predicted and promised to 'Gallups' gullibles' on 'fellatio Friday' in mid-December (the 'universe-shattering' twist was being promoted elsewhere in late November) by the huckster and his con man.  

In the meantime:

"Seeing hidden connections and causes is a key element of conspiracy thinking. But that logic is a common fallacy with a Latin name: post hoc ergo propter hoc (Latin for "after this, therefore because of it"). Because the human mind seeks connections, people often mis-attribute causes, thinking that "B happened after A did, so A must have caused B." It makes sense, and it’s often true, but not always. It’s like saying 'roosters crow before the sun rises, so the roosters must have made the sun rise.'

Taken in extreme, this type of thinking can result in clinical paranoia. The 'Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,' the so-called bible of psychiatry, notes that in paranoid disorders 'The persecutory delusions may be simple or elaborate and usually involve a single theme or series of connected themes, such as being conspired against, cheated, spied upon, followed, poisoned or drugged, maliciously maligned, harassed, or obstructed in the pursuit of long-term goals. Small slights may be exaggerated and become the focus of a delusional system…. Common associated features include resentment and anger, which may lead to violence.'"

Remind you of anyone?

Read Discovery News, Why Conspiracy Theories Provoke Violence.

UPDATE V:  Still waitin' for that 'universe-shattering twist' in the Obama birth certificate probe, first predicted and promised to 'Gallups' gullibles' on 'fellatio Friday' in mid-December by the huckster and his con man.  

Don't hold your breath.

In the meantime, "[a]nother multi-million-dollar bill comes due this year for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's reckless antics in Maricopa County, Arizona. And that's why more taxpayers may finally be asking: Who keeps voting for this guy, anyway?"

Read The Atlantic, As 2014 Begins, Toll Rises for "The Most Expensive Sheriff in America".

UPDATE IV:  It's been a while since I heard Zullo on "'fellatio Friday', [where] Zullo joins Gallups to fawn over each other and grift birther bucks from Gallups' gullible audience."

Quote from The Many Lies of Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups.

Grift means to make money "dishonestly, as in a swindle." I'll let you look up that other word if you don't know what it means.

Couldn't have said it better. 

UPDATE III:  More challenges: The Many Lies of Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups is now a Facebook page.

And "Gallups blusters that he challenges Obots, and then turns off the microphone when they call him. He’s afraid."
UPDATE II:  After years of empty promises, some birthers are catching on to the "I Know Something You Don't Know" con.

Comments during the last week of June 2013 include:

Gallups "told us nothing new today, except that he is in touch with Zullo every day, every single day, for God only knows what reason. . . No one questioned the evidence at the Sheriff's conference, according to Gallups - I'm questioning it, because Gallups and Zullo refuse to tell anyone any details. All they do is rail on and on - yet release no data to the public."

"How can the public and Congress give full and really enthusiastic support to Zullo and the CCP when they tease us by not releasing the 'juicy' details that they've uncovered. Why are they holding back on the 90% not released? . . My advice to Zullo and the CCP is this: Lay it on us now and let the cards fall where they may. This is not the time to be playing 'I've Got A Secret'. "
"Gallups has made this about him. . . stringing it out to an uncertain date in the future makes people infuriated. I'll still give Zullo the benefit of the doubt, but as far as I'm concerned Gallups is a clown."

"Listening to Gallups is like hearing a giddy teenager talking about their first date. He's so excited to have a real person like Zullo on his show that he's verbally orgasmic."

"Whoever Mike is, the guy who did the interview, did a nice job - he let Gallups talk. That's something Gallups never allows his guests as he prattles."

"Carl Gallups is so full of shit his eyes must be brown. . . Just about every video he puts out it is always 'BREAKING' 'STUNNING REVELATIONS' 'NEW REVELATIONS' . . . Get over yourself Gallups! "

" I hate to say it, but he reminds me a mix of a side-show barker and a used car salesman."

I warned you before of the cult that is Carl, AKA C Squared.

(Although he proclaims differently, was C Squared ever a law enforcement officer in Florida?  Not according to the Sarasota Harld-Tribune.)

As for the alleged interview with the CONgressman, aren't you "tired of being played for a fool." And don't "be surprised if Stockman never does the interview." (FYI, the station has a special line for VIPs to call, the CONgressman wouldn't be given the announced call-in number.)

Remember: "if you're in the con game and you don't know who the mark is … you're the mark."

UPDATE:  As Vincent Bugliosi explains in his book on the JFK assassination, "Reclaiming History":

"The conspiracy community regularly seizes on one slip of the tongue, misunderstanding, or slight discrepancy to defeat 20 pieces of solid evidence; accepts one witness of theirs, even if he or she is a provable nut, as being far more credible than 10 normal witnesses on the other side; treats rumours, even questions, as the equivalent of proof; leaps from the most minuscule of discoveries to the grandest of conclusions; and insists that the failure to explain everything perfectly negates all that is explained."

That's the reaction to Pastor Truthiness' (formerly known as Pastor Poppins') interview last week with "[f]ormer police investigator Don Jeffrey, who investigated reports of Obama having multiple security-security numbers for Mike Zullo, finds that none of the multiple numbers reported by other birther investigators, tie back to President Obama personally."

Read Obama Conspiracy Theories, Social-security number allegations undermined by Cold Case Posse investigator.

The so-called Pastor is just another huckster and con man.  He and the other birthers have "made promise after promise that they haven't kept, they presented some evidence that was faked, their 'experts' tell stories that contradict each other from press conference to press conference, they refuse to testify under oath and blow off subpoenas, and they never actually do anything but seek media attention."

And the angry old "closed-minded, racist, rigid, old-fashioned" white men continue their "offensive, polarizing rhetoric".