Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump's Big CON: President Chaos!

"Some are born catastrophic, some achieve catastrophe, and some have catastrophe thrust upon them.

So far President Trump falls only in the first two of those three buckets. For that, my fellow Americans, we should all be very, very grateful.

Gratitude may not feel terribly warranted right now. Over the past four long months, we have endured scandal after scandal, crisis after crisis, from this White House.

To wit: a national security adviser who was a foreign agent for an authoritarian country and who put the kibosh on a military action that that authoritarian country opposed; the sharing of highly classified intelligence with the Russian government; multiple administration and campaign officials who 'forgot' to mention earlier meetings and other contacts with Russian officials; attacks on the independence of the federal judiciary; multiple indications (including comments from Trump himself, on camera) that suggest potential obstruction of justice; and so on.

Frankly, it’s exhausting.

But here’s the bright side. These have all been all self-inflicted wounds. Perhaps mortal ones, for the Trump presidency, but self-inflicted nonetheless.

Our saving grace — as a country and, perhaps, as a planet — is that so far the United States has not experienced any major external shocks. Woe betide us when the Trump administration is tasked, as it inevitably will be, with handling a crisis not of its own making."

Read the Washington Post, On the bright side, Trump has created all this chaos himself.