Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around, Sexual and Reproductive Health Edition

UPDATE: "A site called Government Free VJJ has launched 'The Snatchel Project' with tips on how to 'knit or crochet a vagina or uterus' and send it to men in Congress. 'If they have their own,' the site says, 'they can leave ours alone!'" Read CNN, Vagina enters stage left -- or is it right?

With all the medical restriction on female sexual and reproductive health choices, why no government restrictions on the male part of the relationship?

In "in the arena of sexual and reproductive health, [aren't men] usually the other half of the equation and bear equal responsibility"?

Never fear though, in Ohio, a women has introduced a bill to "make it much more difficult - and embarrassing for many, many men - to get” anti-erectile-dysfunction drugs.

Read the Washington Post, Viagra and the little blue bill of Ohio.