Friday, July 13, 2012

Republi-CONs "Vote to Repeal Medicare Cuts They Voted For and Are Campaigning Against"

"That headline is not an exaggeration or a parody."  Read the Washington Post, Republicans vote to repeal Medicare cuts they voted for and are campaigning against, which notes that "it really takes an astonishing amount of chutzpah to run against a spending cut in dozens of races across the country, to come to Congress and vote for that cut anyway, and then to continue to rail against it as though you still think it’s the worst thing Congress has ever inflicted on the American people. Even if they hadn’t voted for these exact cuts, it’s really impossible to square general GOP rhetoric about cutting spending, specifically on entitlements, with their insistence that every dollar that Obamacare cuts either through the Medicare Advantage cuts or from the Independent Payment Advisory Board is the end of the world for seniors."