Friday, July 29, 2011

The Republi-CON's Economic No Recovery Plan: Destroy Jobs and Pay Workers Less

UPDATE II: Recent GDP "numbers solve the mystery in the labor market. This isn’t about confidence or uncertainty or regulations or any of the other bankshot explanations we’ve been using to explain why unemployment seems stuck even as the economy rebounds. The economy isn’t rebounding. Demand isn’t returning. And without demand, there can’t be jobs." Read the Washington Post, The recovery-less recovery.

Hello globalization, good-bye jobs.

UPDATE: "Hard as it can be to land a job these days, getting one may not be nearly enough for basic economic security." Read The New York Times, Many Low-Wage Jobs Seen as Failing to Meet Basic Needs.

"A Republican report argues that slashing government spending and employment in the face of a deeply depressed economy would actually create jobs." Read The New York Times, The Mellon Doctrine.

All part of the Republi-con war on the middle class.

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