Saturday, February 25, 2017

Trump's Big CON: Hate Doesn't Unite

UPDATE II:  Here is Trump's achilles heel.

Read the Washington Post, Donald Trump’s CPAC speech proves it: He’s totally obsessed with the media.

UPDATE:  "Trump’s theory of politics is that it’s okay to offend five voters if seven voters approve. Dividing the country is the name of the game. The object is to create a coalition of the resentful. Polarization is not only the consequence. It also is the underlying purpose and philosophy.

In this strategy, the news media are tempting targets. . .

He likes denouncing journalists as dishonest scum of the Earth. It’s invigorating. Trump can’t be a unifying figure when he’s having so much fun being divider in chief."

Read the Washington Post, Why Trump loves to hate the media.

"Fifteen years ago, shoeless, President George W. Bush] walked through the sanctuary of the Islamic Center of Washington.

It was six days after Islamist terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, killing thousands. War plans awaited Bush back at the White House. But for six minutes that afternoon, he stood between an Islamic altar and a bank of TV cameras and admonished a country in fear. . .

He quoted from the Koran — “The English translation is not as eloquent as the original Arabic,” he said — and then addressed a wave of Islamophobia that had followed the terrorist strikes.

Dozens of attacks on Arab Americans were reported that week, The Washington Post noted at the time. 'Among them is the case of a Pakistani Muslim store owner who was shot and killed in Dallas Saturday evening.'

'I've been told that some fear to leave. Some don't want to go shopping for their families,' Bush said at the mosque, and shook his head. . .

'That's not the America I know.' . .

When President Barack Obama visited a mosque near the end of his presidency, The Post's Aaron Blake reported, he took heat for it.

'Donald Trump said perhaps Obama 'feels comfortable there' — a comment thick with innuendo from a man who championed conspiracy theories about Obama's birthplace,' Blake wrote.

Trump, of course, would go on to win the presidency after calling in a speech to ban all Muslims from the United States. . .

A spokesman for Bush declined to comment on the family's reaction to Trump's rhetoric about Muslims and his executive order last week, which barred visitors and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries. . .

On Twitter, [President Bush's daughter Jenna ] Bush Hager explained why she quoted her father: 'Just reinforcing his words that still, sadly pertain to today.'

She's not the only one to think so."

Read the Washington Post, ‘Not the America I know’: George W. Bush’s daughter wants you to remember his speech on Islam