Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sub Today at NoBullU on WEBY

Usually on Thursdays you can listen to me, the voice of wisdom and reason in a wilderness of partisan rhetoric -- no political insanity, no conservative hypocrisy, no liberal foolishness -- just straight talk, straight at you, and that’s no bull!!

But I was hosted off, for a good cause. Unfortunately, Mike tells me he's going to replay a show full of birther nonsense. He must be promoting Trump for President. Fortunately, Trump is doing his best to discredit himself. (Read the Washington Post, Trump’s disgusting, dangerous dance with birthers.)

I'll be back in May to deprogram you.

Bye-Bye Bonkers

UPDATE: Race baiting and fringe conspiracy have lost their political panache. Read the Washington Post, Why Glenn Beck lost it.

What will those Republi-cons do to inspire the base for the 2012 election?

Appropriately enough, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that it is official, Bonkers is gone from Hedgehog News.

It is The GlennPocalypse:

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The GlennPocalypse
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I especially like the complaints by other Hedgehog News anchors that Bonkers undermines their credibility.

Childish Insults While the Republic Burns

Why is Congress "threatening to shut down the U.S. government in a dispute over a tiny fraction of the federal budget?" Maybe it is because they are too busy insulting one another. Read the Washington Post, 27% of communication by members of Congress is taunting, professor concludes.