Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fly Naked or Die

UPDATE V: Were recent event justification of panic and anit-Muslim discrimination? Read The New York Times, A Year of Terror Plots, Through a Second Prism.

UPDATE IV: How are al-Qaeda and the Republi-cons alike? They both use fear, anger, and hatred for power. Read the Washington Post, Don't panic. Fear is al-Qaeda's real goal.

And don't forget panic -- the Republi-con reaction to the to the failed Christmas terrorist attack make them sound like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off.

UPDATE III: Connect the dots for national security:

UPDATE II: Be very, very afraid, the parrot might be a terrorist. Read The New York Times, Take Off Your Shoes, and Is the Parrot Loaded?

UPDATE: One moderate Republican thinks the Republi-cons are being childish and hysterical in their reaction to the failed Christmas terrorist attack. Read The New York Times, The God That Fails.

I don't think Republi-cons will be happy until the TSA implements this new regualtion:

So much for the next family vacation.