Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Republi-CON's Next Celebrity Candidate

UPDATE IV: Will it be Palin/Trump in 2012? Read, Palin, Trump Have NYC Rendezvous.

Would it be a dream or nightmare ticket?

UPDATE III: "Having Donald Trump in the presidential race gave it the feel of a carnival . . . [and] showed us how truly scary our political system has become." Read the Washington Post, Donald Trump and the House of Horrors.

Save Us, Sarah, Save Us! (She has the unbending, hard-charging character to do it. Read The Atlantic, The Tragedy of Sarah Palin.)

UPDATE II: After milking it for all the publicity he could, he's quit. Read the Washington Post, Trump the clown exits stage right.

UPDATE: More on America's celebrity obsession. Read The Atlantic, In 2012, Celebrity Trumps Substance.

In politics, doesn't form always Trump substance. (Pun intended.)

Republi-con qualifications for president -- charisma, significant personal wealth and near-universal name identification. But is it enough? Read the Washington Post, The Donald, debunked.

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