Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Florida Republi-CONs, and Their Corrupt Relationship With Their Corporate Overlords

You remember former Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom -- over 2½ years, a 25-year-old junior Sansom staffer, who was given a party American Express card, spent nearly $1.3 million. Thousands were spent "on jewelry, sporting goods and in one case $15,000 for what's listed as a monthlong stay at a posh Miami Beach hotel." The Florida Republi-cons spent "$650,000 in lodging, $60,000 in airfare — mostly commercial airlines — and $66,000 for charter planes."

Now, more than two years after first calling for his prosecution, the show will soon begin. Read the St. Petersburg Times, Corrupt capital culture exposed from the inside, which notes that "[s]ome in Tallahassee, inured to the capital's corrupt culture, have defended Sansom and argue that he has paid a price for doing nothing more than what many other lawmakers do to help their districts and benefactors. But . . . testimony now lays bare a conspiracy to defraud taxpayers."

I remind you that Florida government is dominated by those waskly Republi-cons.

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