Friday, October 22, 2010

Arrogant Government Official

What would you do if you were responsible for a government agency that had falsely claimed that a person had donated blood knowing he was HIV positive when actually the offense was a totally different crime. Apologize and correct the record? That's not one one arrogant local government agency did.

For years the person “diligently pursued efforts to correct the erroneous information. In November of 2007, [he] submitted to a blood test to prove his negative HIV status. He sent a letter from his doctor to the office of the clerk of court, but the entry remained unchanged. Plaintiff contacted the clerk’s office by phone but was told that nothing could be done about the public record. In August of 2009, he again mailed a copy of his doctor’s note and a copy of the erroneous internet posting to Mary M. Johnson, and . . . calls to [her] office in September of 2009 resulted in . . . being subjected to 'rude comments.' In October of 2009 he sent a certified letter to Mary M. Johnson with a detailed statement concerning a defamation lawsuit. The package was returned to [him] along with a notation that he did not pay the filing fee. He tried to get information about the filing fee over the phone, but a young woman that he spoke to refused to give him the information. He then sent another certified letter to Ms. Johnson indicating his intent to file suit in federal court." (Citations omitted.)

No apology, just arrogant rude treatment. Now thousands of your tax dollars are being spend to defend the inexcusable. Read the court file.

Mary Johnson should apologize for the actions of her office, investigate and discipline the appropriate employees, and pay the person to settle the case, instead of some out of town lawyer to defend the case.

And if she won't, she should do the public a favor and resign, before the next election.

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