Friday, December 3, 2010

Palin-mania Begins (or Continues)

UPDATE III: The Palin election strategy -- American exceptionalism, and don't let the 'lamestream' media tell you otherwise. Read the Washington Post, American exceptionalism, an old idea and a new political battle and Sarah Palin, the "lamestream" media and its limits.

UPDATE II: Read CNN, Palin book lays out possible GOP battle plan; will she be the general?

UPDATE: "A who’s who and what’s what of the inner circle of the top G.O.P. shadow candidate." Read The New York Times, The Palin Network, in which Plain admits she's considering a run for president:

"'I am,' Sarah Palin told me the next day when I asked her if she was already weighing a run for president. 'I’m engaged in the internal deliberations candidly, and having that discussion with my family, because my family is the most important consideration here.' Palin went on to say that there weren’t meaningful differences in policy among the field of G.O.P. hopefuls 'but that in fact there’s more to the presidency than that' and that her decision would involve evaluating whether she could bring unique qualities to the table."

Palin's "economic musings are yet another sign she’s running" and she's no pro-business corporatist (favoring policies that subsidize favored companies, raise barriers to entry and otherwise entrenching the status quo) she a 'free-market populist' (believing "the role of government is to help markets function more fairly and efficiently for everyone, encouraging competition and 'creative destruction'"). Read Reuters, Why Wall Street should fear Sarah Palin.

Save Us, Sarah, Save Us!

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