Thursday, August 26, 2010

Republi-CONs Are Sooooo Gullible

UPDATE: Good news, apparently Republi-cons are not so gullible that you can just show' em your gun and they got soft in the brain. "In Arizona on Tuesday, Republican voters totally rejected the Congressional candidacy of State Senator Pamela Gorman (“conservative Christian and a pretty fair shot”), whose TV ad showed her firing a machine gun at an undisclosed target. Only about 5,000 people in the district thought sending Pamela Gorman to Washington would be a good plan. "

Bad news, apparently Republi-cons preferred the deceitful hypocrite, Ben Quayle, a/k/a Brock Landers, the fictional sidekick to porn star Dirk Diggler in the film "Boogie Nights,", and real-life son of former vice president Dan Quayle.

Just show' em your gun and they got soft in the brain:

Someone tell Mike about the lady.

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