Monday, March 2, 2009

Is the Rally for the Constitution, or Religion

UPDATE: The Santa Rosa County School Board began its meeting Monday without a prayer, and then signed the consent decree. If adopted by the Court, the decree will end the lawsuit. See Pensacola New Journal, SR board signs decree to conclude prayer suit.

The next school board election should be interesting.

Some in the community are not happy, claiming it is "judicial tyranny, plain and simple". Of course, they overlook the fact that the school board "admitted liability on plaintiffs’ claims, as set out in their complaint filed August 27, 2008."

I have posted some of the court documents. I suggest you read the school board's motion to dismiss the complaint. A favorable ruling would have had the case thrown out.

Then read the ACLU's response in opposition.

Soon thereafter, without waiting for any ruling on the case, the school board admitted liability. That is the equivalent to pleading guilty in a criminal case.

Now churches will be holding a a rally during school hours, with school students. Why? Is the rally to celebrate the Constitution, or religion?

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