Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who is Responsible for the Economic Mess?

UPDATE II: Another story about our responsible neighbors to the north. Read the Washington Post, On debt, Canada shows us the way out.

How did they cut government debt? The old fashion way, they "cut farm and business subsidies, scaled back social programs (including health care) and eliminated 55,000 public sector jobs."

Locally, don't expect much help from our Republi-con congressman. His wealthy family members received millions of dollars in farm subsidies. He even proudly opposed an effort by the taxpayer-subsided postal service to close a small local post office.

UPDATE: Updating an oldie but goodies, what and who caused the economic mess?

Hint: what country with similar circumstances to the U.S. did not suffer from deregulation and lack of government oversight (caused primarily by Republi-cons, with help from the stupid Naive-ocrats)?

Still can't figure it out, then read The New York Times, Good and Boring

Maybe I'll move to Canada.

P.S. Here is another oldie but goodie about how we got into the economic mess.

If you had to name one person responsible for the current financial mess, who would it be? No, it is not George W. Hoover, but it is a Republi-con. Need another hint, read The New York Times, Deregulator Looks Back, Unswayed.

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